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Take a look at the various equipment and custom signs available for rent or purchase at Traffic Safety Service.


Traffic Safety Service has one of the industry’s finest fleets, available for rent, purchase, or to hire for service.

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As the experts, Traffic Safety Service can offer you world class service for lane closures, traffic management, and more.



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World Trade Center Spire

A day that will live in infamy, the loss of the Twin Towers forever changed both America and the watching world. What was once considered a black mark in our nation’s history is being rebuilt into the new World Trade Center! See how Traffic Safety Service partnered to transport the New World Trade Center Spire over thousands of miles of ocean and into the heart of New York City.

Traffic Safety Service at Work

Widening the NJ Turnpike

Working on or remodeling active roadways and public spaces can be extremely challenging because you need to keep the ongoing traffic in mind. The traffic should either be diverted or managed in such a manner that no one gets injured during the project. See how Traffic Safety Service used equipment rentals and a top-notch management team to work ensure traffic moved in and around the work site safely at the NJ Turnpike.

Traffic Safety Service

Rockefeller University

The Rockefeller University Hospital required a unique horizontal expansion over the FDR Drive. It became essential to control traffic safety as well as the safety of the contractors working on this complex project. See how Traffic Safety Service worked with multiple construction companies to deal with the many traffic conditions and concerns surrounding such a sensitive project.

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