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For temporary work-zones, detours, construction projects, and so much more, Traffic Safety Service offers specialized Water-Filled Barriers to provide temporary traffic control for your projects. Lightweight and easily portable, the TSS 590 Water Barriers are constructed ohigh-densityty polyethylene and links together with a state-of-the-art swivel pin. This specialty-manufactured swivel-pin allows barriers to be assembled with up to 90* maneuverability, making them conform to any road-way design. The TSS 590 Water Barrier is the only barrier available with this capability without additional corner pieces.

Water-Filled Barriers can also easily be customized to suit individual project needs. They come standard with light pockets for night-time use, and can be outfitted with specialty fencing to prevent people and animals from crossing over them.

The barriers are light, easy to assemble and can be molded in up to 590 available colors (at no extra charge!) to conform to any work zone, pedestrian safety or architectural needs. Traffic Safety Service’s Water Barriers can be filled with either water or sand depending on the user’s preferences. The combined aspects of easy visibility, stress-free maneuverability, and simple installation means less time designing traffic safety, money saved, and a more customized, safe job-site.

Traffic Safety Service 590 Water Barriers are crash tested per NCHRP 350 standards and approved for use on our National Highway System.

TSS 590 Water Barriers – For Sale & Rent

Best Uses: Temporary work-zones, Road Detours, Sporting Events, Construction Projects, Demolition Areas, Theme Parks, Airports, Parking Garages, Pedestrian Walkways

Specialty Features

  • Easy transportation
  • Safety colors
  • Interlocks
  • 90-degree turn radius


  • Light weight / up to 800 LFT per truck
  • Orange/White Standard (590 custom colors available)
  • Links together with a swivel pin
  • Can conform to any road way design
  • Light Weight - 50 lbs. - No heavy machinery needed to install
  • When Filled - 683 lbs. - Can be picked up by forklift

NEW! TSS 890 Low Profile Airport Water Barriers – For Sale & Rent

Specifically designed for use in airports, the TSS 890 Low Profile Airport Water Barrier is designed to use during the unique needs of plane access management, such as accommodating low-hanging engines and 90 degree turn radius for unit setup. The barriers use high target value striping that glows at night and retroreflects back to the lightsource so it will not blind pilots. Additional lights can be added for even greater nighttime visibility. The TSS 890 meets all FAA regulations.

Safety Features

  • Easy storage & transport
  • Safety colors
  • Interlocks
  • 90-degree turn radius


  • Flag holders double as stacking nubs
  • Safety orange or white w/ orange & white 3M striping
  • 96" x 10" x 10" with Locking Keys
  • Light weight - 19 lbs.
  • When filled - 270 lbs.
  • Unique Uses - this barrier can also be used for Go Kart unit for safety on tracks!

Take a look at our crash test footage!

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